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Prelander ceiling fan light allows you to stay away from the air-condition disease quite life more comfortable. Good quality never lie prelander give perfect experience for you!

  1. The standard of ceiling fan motor?

    1.Prelander motor is designed and manufactured specifically for the fan motor, proven quieter and stronger than the average fan motor favorable, high performance and longer life.

    2.Prelander fan motors 10 years of quality assurance, can bring you is higher performance and safer comfort give you quiet at the same time, but also allows you to enjoy the natural feeling of the wind!

  2. What is permanent magnet brushless DC motor?

    Permanent magnet brushless DC motor was built by the one or more permanent magnet field DC motor, its performance and constant excitation current separately excited DC motor similar, changing armature voltage to convenient adjust rotating speed.

  3. Good reputation,strict quality guarantee system.

    1.Product are innovative design, quality and stability, environmental protection, etc., has a complete and scientific quality management system development, design, production and sales of lighting manufacturers.

    2.With professional production equipment and comfortable working Wonderland and high-quality technical management personnel. With good corporate reputation, strict quality management system, adhering to (the customer first, the credibility of the first, quality as the most important) of service, by consumers.

  4. Perfect support team let customer feel relieved.

    Company have the best technology support team keep our ceiling fan have the advantage in the field,keep focus the technology of ceiling fan.

  5. Perfect after-sale team keep our client comfortable after order.

    1.Use of advanced Motor production technology, quality and choice of motor manufacturing copper decade, useful professional sales team.

    2.The interests of consumers at first, to meet consumer demand for a variety of products, so that prelander products can services to millions of family, enjoy high quality life.